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Many businesses let their company logo designs and business websites fall behind the times. All established businesses need renovation and rebranding at some point in order to stay ahead of the curve. Below you will find the information you need to rebrand your business.

Whether you need to update a company logo, refurbish a business website, or introduce new marketing material and company stationary, well exceed your highest expectation.


Rebranding Your Business

company logo designsUpdate company logo designs, refurbish business websites, and add / improve marketing materials

A brand with personality boosts the sale of the product and inspires trust and loyalty. It creates psychological impact that influences a customers attitudes, feelings, and perceptions of a product. But if your brand is out of date or misaligned, then it is not effective. We can help you update, so you can re-launch and get back in the game.

Why Rebrand?

  • Communicate a fresh, new message to stakeholders, competitors, and customers.

  • Move your brand upmarket.

  • Create distance from negative connotations associated with your brand over time.

  • Reposition your business to a more strategic stance.


The Rebranding Process Includes:

  • Updating company logo designs to gain marketing competition

  • Updating the look of your website to generate referral traffic and boost sales


Logo Makeover

Rebrand update your image with our custom logo designs

The logo is the most important yet most frequently overlooked element of branding. With our professional logo designers, Brisbane businesses get the chance to show a new face that conveys the values and purpose of their company. Our professional logo designers update company logo designs to not only improve public perception of a product, but also draw fresh attention to the company.

3-Step method to updating a business logo:

company logo designs

1. Research and Conceptualising

  • Research your industry’s current style trends.
  • Conceptualise and sketch initial designs.
  • Present the best 3 concepts for company logo designs and send to you for feedback and revision.

2. Development Stage

  • Further modify and develop the logo you choose. Changes include alterations to symbol, colour, and positioning.

3. Final Company Logo Design

  • Clients then choose their final logo, and enjoy watching the obvious changes in public perception!

company logo designs


Website Makeover

business websitesRebrand business website makeover

Revamping an existing business website is a crucial component of the rebranding process Established businesses benefit greatly from working with a professional website designer. Brisbane businesses are cropping up everywhere, thus the competition has stepped up for business websites. Is your website prepared to compete?

Answer these questions to determine whether your
business website needs a makeover:

  1. Has your business undergone significant recent changes that need to be remarketed?

  2. Do you have a strong business website homepage with content that instantaneously reflects your expertise and competence?

  3. Is your site interactive and engaging?

  4. Have you incorporated Social Media Optimisation (SMO) into your website?

  5. Does your business website tend to generate low traffic and sales leads?

What to Consider When Updating your Business Website

Your Audience
Determine the characteristics of your target audience. Have they changed? What are their wants and needs?

your content must be clear, concise, relevant, and educational. It must also directly relate to your audience. Check out other Brisbane websites to see what works and what doesnt. With the help of our web designer, Brisbane businesses just like yours have boosted sales and increased revenue.

Ease of Use
In order to keep the potential client on your site, they have to be able to navigate with ease. Also, are your contact details easy to find on EACH page?

Mobile Device Compliant
Statistics show a drastic increase in the amount of web searches being conducted from mobile devices. Thus, the content of your website must display correctly on the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Does your business website have flash animations and banners that dont display correctly? This requires the expertise of a website designer. Brisbane graphic design companies do not have the expertise we have in this area. We create dynamic content in HTML 5, a cutting-edge technique to make your website compatible on any mobile device.


Its time to update your business website, contact us today to speak with the best website designer Brisbane offers.

The designers at Shazam Designs have superior expertise and the most cutting-edge technology at their disposal by hiring a Shazam Designs website designer, Brisbane companies are able to create business websites that educate, engage, entertain, and generate traffic. Let us know what your needs are today!


Marketing Material

Professional marketing material boost your business

website designer BrisbaneMarketing materials are the soldiers of your business. At Shazam Designs we take the time to understand your business and create the most effective marketing material to bring you the sales.

Some marketing material ideas:

Companies all over Brisbane are busy updating their company logo designs and business websites, so dont waste time! Call today to enlist a Shazam Designs logo and website designer. Brisbane has a market that fosters immense business expansion when companies rebrand and update stationery and marketing materials.

website designer Brisbane



Re-evaluate the effectiveness of your stationery

company logo designsDoes it portray professionalism to establish customer confidence? Is it interesting and engaging? If not, consider applying a custom logo design. Does it represents your companys credibility and product effectively? All of these are necessary for stationery to be effective and boost sales.

Here are examples of some of the products we offer:

company logo designs


website designer Brisbane

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