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Custom logo designA custom logo design is the most crucial yet frequently overlooked element of new business marketing campaigns. Neglecting your business logo can have devastating consequences on the success of your business. It is the central icon of your entire company; it is attached to everything your customers and potential customers see. It may seem trivial to some, but the logo is your silent ambassadors the face of your business.

Here at Shazam Designs, our logo designers know the significance of a solid, unique, and easily-identifiable custom logo design.

Whether you are an established business looking to rebrand, or a new business that wants to break into a particular market or venue, our logo designers can create the most effective logo for your company.

Why custom logo designs are important?

  • Differentiate
    In the consumer’s eye, your company logo is the element that differentiates your product from another.
  • Communicate
    Custom logo designs communicate the values and purpose of your company.
  • Establish Trust
    To consumers, well-designed company logos communicate the legitimacy and professionalism of a company.

How do we do it? Our 3-step logo creation process

Our logo designers use a systematic and proven process when creating business logos. Its a team effort between designer and client.

Logo Design Process

Step 1: Research and Conceptualization

After we research your industry and current style trends, we conceptualize and sketch initial ideas. During this stage, we present you with the best 3 logo concepts. You then review these 3 selections and provide feedback.

Step 2: Development Stage

Using your feedback, we modify and further develop the chosen logo. Changes included modifications to symbol, color, and positioning.

Step 3: Final Logo

Now you choose your final logo! This is the end of the logo design process and we will submit all logo files to you contained in a portfolio.

Can consumers really fall in Love with my custom logo design?

Yes! This is indeed true. Consumers can become fanatical and very emotionally attached to a brand and its logo.

Our logo designers take this emotional connection very seriously. When we create custom logo designs, we know we aren’t just creating a design; we’re producing something that consumers will connect with and even cherish.

This is why you need your business logo to be designed by a Shazam logo designer Brisbane consumers are just waiting to fall in love with your brand.

What is an effective logo?

Creating a powerful logo is both an art and a science. In order for your logo have maximum impact, it must be the following:

  • Simple
    A custom logo design should be simple and easy for a customer to remember. Our professional logo designers will create a business logo that reflects the values and purpose of your company.
  • Memorable
    Your logo must be memorable and recognizable. We make logos that are distinctive and clear so that your customers can easily recognize and form an emotional attachment to your logo.
  • Timeless
    Its impact needs to last. Think of famous business logos that have withstood the test of time this is what you need! With the help of a Shazam logo designer, Brisbane will always remember your company.
  • Versatile
    Your custom logo design needs to be appropriate for all your marketing materials.
  • Appropriate
    A logo should be appropriate for its intended purpose – marketing, branding, and emotional identification. With the help of a professional logo designer, Brisbane will come to know and love the face of your company.

Types of custom logo designs

Iconic / Symbolic

These types of logos are uncomplicated yet interesting images that convey realistic or abstract representation of a company. They expand the interpretation of what the organization represents. In order to be effective, this type of logo must:

– Be automatically recognisable
– Clear even when reduced to smaller sizes
– Memorable
– Illustrative-either concrete or abstract.


Logotype / Wordmark

These types of logos use type fonts to incorporate your company brand name. There are literally thousands of possible variations, shapes, sizes and styles of type fonts. Each type will convey a different impression on the audience. Legibility and recognition are important, especially when reduced to the size necessary for business cards.


These types of logos are very elaborate, and are considered the best option if you are trying to establish a brand in a highly competitive market. Illustrative logos are clever and contain intricate details that are intended to impress the viewer.


This type of lot is complicated enough for customers to recognize yet simple enough for replication. Abstract logos are characterized by limited colors and high contrast. These are the easiest type of logo for consumers to recognize and require less emotional attachment to have an impact. The size is dependent upon the promotional needs of your company. These logos are very adaptable; looking just as excellent on stationary as they would on a billboard.


With the help of a Shazam logo designer, Brisbane businesses will find your
custom logo design unforgettable and irresistible! Contact us today.