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All new businesses need business websites, business cards, and a professional logo designer. Brisbane is a tough market and these are the 3 core products that ALL new businesses need to succeed. This page explains how Shazam Designs can help you get them.

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Three Core Products for New Businesses Customized Logos – Business Websites – Business Cards

All new businesses need three core products:

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Business Card Creation

  • Business Website Design

The professionals at Shazam Designs offer these services and more. Designer and client unite to create personalized and effective products that are perfectly tailored to your business. We offer the widest spectrum of graphic design services in Brisbane.


Custom logo design

Professional logo designer – Brisbane custom logos

logo designer brisbane
When it comes time to choose your professional logo designer – Brisbane businesses should turn to Shazam Designs. We know that your logo will be the symbol and signature of your business you want it to leave a lasting impression.

Characteristics of Effective Logos:

  • Simple –  A logo should be simple and easy to remember.

  • Memorable –  A logo must be recognizable, distinctive, and clear.

  • Timeless – An effective logo endures the test of time, so avoid following trends and fads.

  • Versatile –  A logo should be suitable for a variety of mediums and applications.

  • Appropriate – A logo should be appropriate for marketing, branding, and emotional identification.


Business Card Creation

Business card creation Brisbane

logo designer brisbane Business cards are a large part of your first impression. They need to communicate trust and professionalism. Business cards must contain two things: Clear, concise contact information, and a description of the services you offer.

Business cards are multi-functional:

  • Promote your business services

  • Mini advertisements for your business

  • Share contact information

  • Give credibility to you and your services


Business Website Design

Expert website designers – Brisbane business websites

business websites Think of your website as a 24/7 hub for services and sales. Its working when youre not. New businesses need professional website designers. Brisbane can be tough on new businesses be prepared.

Business Websites:

  • Inform
    Websites offer versatile ways to display your wares Creativity is imperative!

  • Connect
    Whether through blogs, testimonials, or social media outlets, your website is the best way to engage with your target audience and generate customer loyalty.

  • Reach Out
    Business websites offer endless opportunities for business-to-business networking. Get on board with one a Shazam Designs website designers. Brisbane customers are looking for your product!



Your identity: signed, sealed, and delivered

business websitesStationery performs the important task of attracting viewer attention, engaging their interest, and finally, selling your product. It enhances your companys identity. They represent your company’s credibility and professionalism.

Stationery includes:


Marketing Material

Promote your business in a myriad of waysadvertising

Here are some other marketing materials you might consider:



Promote your services and make sales!

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banner design brisbane
banner design brisbane


Talk to us about your new business plan. We have the best business websites and website designers Brisbane has to offer and the logo designer Brisbane businesses need.

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