Graphic design company and logo designer Brisbane

Why We Help

Shazam Designs was created to bring comprehensive, client-focused services to the Brisbane region. About 10 years ago, we noticed that the Brisbane region could really benefit from a full-service graphic design company. The founders of Shazam, decided to meet that need, and started the development of Shazam Designs. They proudly launched Shazam Designs in January 2012.

We are the one of the few full-service Graphic Design Companies in the Brisbane/Queensland region. What does this mean? We are a one-stop-shop that can meet any graphic design, printing, website, or marketing need all under one roof. More importantly, we offer all of these services with exceptional care for client success and satisfaction.

At Shazam Designs, we truly care about your success. We have created this company specifically to ensure that you get the services you need so that you can meet your goals. Continue reading to learn about who we are and what we stand for.

Who We Help

We extend our services to a broad range of clientele. We help new businesses and entrepreneurs equip themselves for launch, while also providing makeovers for established businesses. We also provide services to political campaigners in the form of websites and promotional material.

Celebrating a special event or have a personal project in mind? We have special services for you too. Clubs and sports teams can also benefit from our creativity, talent, and products.

Higher Standards of Design
Extensive time is spent on your design at Shazam. We take the necessary time to get the job done right. For example, we spend 15-20 hours on each logo, working with the client to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Technology and Equipment
We keep up with the latest trends in software, web development, and graphic design equipment. We are equipped with information and innovative software that other graphic agencies do not typically have access to. This means that your products will be created using the best tools available.

Personalized Care
We work alongside each customer until the customer fully understands the process, and can become a full participant in the creation of their logo, website, or marketing materials. This means you are an active member in the creation of your design and your ideas are implemented into the design.

One-Stop-Shop With Competitively-Priced Services
We are a company not an agency. This means not a single service is outsourced. Every part of your project is done in-house, thus improving efficiency and lowering cost. You can rest assured your project is in the hands of employees who care as opposed to contractors.

Meet the Staff

Managing Director Francesco


Managing Director

Francesco’s strengths reside in both project management and communication. He keeps Shazam running smooth as silk with his attention to detail and organisational skills. He is also there to listen to clients and determine their needs. His business-sense makes him an incredibly valuable asset to anyone starting a new business or those making over an existing one. 

Chef Designer Tina


Chief Designer

Tina is our lead Professional Graphic Designer. Next to her unusually exceptional talent and creativity, Tina possesses all the traits of an excellent graphic designer. First and foremost, Tina knows how to listen to each client. This allows her to include the client’s own ideas into their design. In the end, each design speaks its own unique message.

Chief Editor / Copywriter Erica


Chief Editor / Copywriter

As a writer, Erica has the perceptiveness and discernment to transform vast amounts of information into formats that are easy for the online reader to digest and understand. Her most important skills lie off the paper. She has the ability to ask the right questions and listen to each client in order to write highly effective content. 

IT Manager Ryan


IT Manager

Ryan has a knack for taking a complex IT scenario and breaking it down into simple pieces that anyone can understand. He is always happy to answer questions and his exceptional communication skills make him a friendly voice on the phone. Ryan is a problem-solver who excels at successfully troubleshooting any issue that come his way.