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Need custom business cards?

Whether you are a new or established business, we have the type of professional, unique, and impactful business card design Brisbane business professionals look for.

With the rise of social media networking channels and websites, many business professionals believe business cards are obsolete. They couldn’t be more wrong! Custom business cards are still vital to successful networking; there is nothing more impactful than building a new relationship face-to-face and exchanging business cards.

Are you prepared? Do you have custom business cards created by the best graphic designers Brisbane can offer? With Shazam Designs graphic designers, Brisbane business professionals always have their needs met.

Why are business cards important?

  • Provide current and potential clients with your contact information, making future connection easy and simple.
  • Ensure new acquaintances will remember your name and contact information.
  • Increases the likelihood that current and potential clients will contact you in the future.

I can get by designing my own business card…. right?

Wrong! While some business professionals settle for designing their own business cards, we do not recommend it. Here’s why:

Plain, generic business cards do not leave a good first impression. Your business card must represent you and your company, and must be professionally designed to be memorable. Therefore they need to be original, and contain a custom logo designed by a professional.

Below is additional information and examples of what it takes to create successful custom business cards. Look around and then fill out the contact information at the bottom of the page and we can talk about what Shazam Designs can do for you.

Product Application Examples

Meeting with potential clients

Networking function

Shop front promotion

Referral business

Company introduction mail pack

Use as a coupon


Business Card Design Brisbane

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Standard Printing Specifications

StockFinishingWeightAdditional Options
Coated StockMatt300gsmSpot UV
Uncoated StockGloss350gsmEmboss / Deboss
Recycled Stock400gsmGold / Silver Foil
Custom Die-Cut Shape


Design Process

stage-arrowInitial design submission
stage-arrow2Design changes if needs
stage-arrow2Final proof submission
stage-arrow2Client approval
stage-arrow2Prepare artwork for print and proceed printing
stage-arrow2Deliver to client


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